A typical release of WordPerfect Office includes Word Perfect, Paradox, and Presentation.

Release history Edit

Corel Office 7 Edit

This product includes WordPerfect 7, Quattro Pro 7, Paradox 7, Presentations 7, Corel Flow 3, Corel Draw 6

Corel Wordperfect Office 2000 Edit

The Standard edition includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Presentations 9 , and Trellix 2, plus misc. other items. The Professional Edition includes materials in Office 2000 Standard, above, plus Dragon Naturally Speaking, Corel Print Office, and Paradox 9. WordPerfect Office 2002

WordPerfect Office 11 Edit

Word Perfect Office X5 Edit

Word Perfect Office X5 standard edition includes WordPerfect® X5, Quattro Pro® X5, Presentations™ X5

References Edit

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