Specs Edit

  • CPU: 6809E at 1 MHz
  • RAM: 48 KB with 16 KB reserved.
  • Graphics: 320 x 200 16 colors
  • Sound: 1 Voice: the M05E and M05NR had 4 voices and 5 octaves.
  • Keyboard: AZERTY Rubber or Mechanical

Models Edit

There were three models. The M05, the M05E, and the M05NR.

M05E Edit

This is the export version. It had better sound qualities,

M05NR Edit

This version arrived too late and was directed education as they have integrated the NanoRéseau (LAN) . The case is identical to the model export, the MO5E, although the MO5NR is an hybrid between the standard MO5 (same BASIC) and MO6 (same BASIC managing 4096 colors). [1]

References Edit

  1. 1000 Bit's M05NR page retrieved on May 24, 2010

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