The Sun-2 was Sun Microsystem's second workstation, built in 1983. Its CPU was a 68010. It ran Unix. The machine was capable of a monochrome display only

Technical Edit

The 68010 in this machine was capible of running up to 10 MHz. The machine could support between 1 and 4 MB of RAM. Also, the Sun-2 could connect to an Ethernet network, which its predicessor couldn't. They also had support for multibus devices.

Models Edit

Model CPU board Display Max. RAM Chassis
2/120 Sun-2 Multibus or Sun-2 Multibus Prime Monochrome 4 MB 9-slot Multibus (deskside)
2/170 Sun-2 Multibus or Sun-2 Multibus Prime Optional 4 MB 15-slot Multibus (rackmount)
2/50 Sun 2050 VME Monochrome 8 MB 2-slot VME (desktop)
2/130 Sun 2050 VME Monochrome 8 MB 12-slot VME (deskside)
2/160 Sun 2050 VME Color 8 MB 12-slot VME (deskside)

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