The Sony Smartwatch is a smartwatch designed by Sony. The device can connect to an Android phone and has the functionality found in most other smartwatches. It can display Twitter feeds and sms among other things. The device has a small button on the right side that serves as a power button. The Sony Smartwatch 2 has similar functionality to its predecessor, but is different in that the power button on the side is round instead of square. The Smartwatch 2 also has 3 buttons below the screen that serve 3 different tasks: The left button goes back, the middle button goes to the app screen and the right button brings up the menus. The Sony Smartwatch 3 is pretty different from Sony's previous smartwatches. It has a more rubbery outside than the other smartwatches and it is more fitness oriented, coming with a compass, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. The Sony Smartband is a fitness tracker similar to FitBit or Jawbone. It doesn't have a screen of any kind, instead using 3 LEDs as indicators.

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