Manufacturer: Sinclair Research, Ltd
CPU(s): 68008
Platform\family: QL

The QL was first 16-bit home computer. It proved that 16-bit computers could be affordable and would appeal to home users. The QL has versions for the US market and several European market. In addition the BIOS went through several revisions. The latest version is either 1.10 (JS) or (Tyche) 2.05.

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Sinclair computers, derivatives, and clones (ZX80/81, ZX Spectrum, and QL clones)

Sinclair Research ZX80 - ZX81 - ZX Spectrum, Spectrum+, Spectrum 128 - QL
Amstrad ZX Spectrum +2 - ZX Spectrum +3
Timex Sinclair TS 1000
Other Jupiter Ace - One Per Desk - CST Thor - Q40/Q60
Sinclair Peripherals ZX Printer - ZX Interface 1 - ZX Interface 2 - Microdrive

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