Studio 2
Manufacturer: RCA
Discontinued: 1979
Processor(s): 1802

The RCA Studio II is a videogame console made by RCA that debuted in January 1977. The graphics of Studio II games were black and white and resembled those of earlier Pong consoles and their clones. The Studio II also did not have joysticks or similar game controllers but instead used two keypads that were built into the console itself. The console was capable of making simple beep sounds with slight variations in length.

System specsEdit

  • RCA 1802 microprocessor, 1.78 MHz
  • 2 KB ROM (includes the five built-in games)
  • 512 bytes RAM
  • RCA CDP 1861 "Pixie" video chip, 64x32, monochrome graphics

Clones and variants Edit

  • SABA Videoplay
  • Luxor VES
  • Hanimex MPT-02
  • Soundic MPT-02 Victory
  • Conic M-1200
  • Sheen 1200 Microcomputer
  • Mustang 9016 Telespiel Computer

Some of the other versions had color games[1] There is speculation the original American model was supposed to have color, but RCA bungled it too badly.

References Edit

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