Quattro Pro is a spreadsheet program developed by Borland and now sold by Corel, most often as part of Corel's WordPerfect Office.

Historically, Quattro Pro used keyboard command similar to Lotus 1-2-3. It is commonly said to have been the first program to use the "tabbed notebook" metaphor. However, this is not true, as Boeing Calc had already used tabbed pages[1][2]. It currently runs under the Windows operating system. Quattro Pro avoided the 65,536 row by 256 column spreadsheet limitations inherent to pre-2007 versions of Microsoft Excel by allowing a maximum worksheet size of one million rows by 18,276 columns. Since about 1996 Quattro Pro has run a distant second to Excel's market domination.

When version 1.0 was in development, it was codenamed "Buddha" since it was meant to "assume the Lotus position", #1 in the market. When the product was launched in 1988, its original name was Quattro (the Italian word for "four", a play on being one step ahead of "1-2-3"). Borland changed the name to Quattro Pro for its 1990 release.

The common file extension of Quattro Pro spreadsheet file is .qpw. Older versions of Quattro Pro used also following file extensions: wb3, wb2, wb1, wq2, wq1.

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