The Pebble smartwatch is a device made by pebble. Unlike most smartwatches, the pebble doesn't have a touchscreen. Instead, the device is controlled by 4 buttons: one on the left for going back and 3 on the right for going up, selecting things, and going down. The Pebble has a far longer battery life than most other smartwatches most likely because of its smaller screen and black-n-white display. It can be connected to both iOs and Android phones via bluethooth. The Pebble smartwatch also has variant called the Pebble Steel, which is functionally the same but given a metallic look instead of a plastic look like the original Pebble. There is also the Pebble Time, which comes with a color-displaying screen and a microphone. The Pebble Time comes in both plastic and metallic casings.

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