Nabu was a Canadian manufacturer of S-100 bus systems. [1]

List of productsEdit

Nabu 1100Edit

This machine is a Z80-based S-100 bus system. Its case looks like a two-drawer file cabinet, and the lower drawer can be used for storage.

Nabu Personal ComputerEdit

This machine is not IBM PC compatible, but runs CP/M Also a diskless workstation, which never caught on. The system was suposed to run through cable TV, like a Set Top Box. There were cases with disk drives, however. In this instance,

Nabu 1200 Edit

The Nabu 1200/1600 is an 8086 based machine with 512k of memory, 4 serial ports, an 80 track (720k) floppy drive and a 5 or 10Meg hard disk drive. The system is referred to in internal documentation as the 1200, however most of the released material calls it the Nabu 1600. Operating systems available for the machine included: CP/M-86, Xenix and a little known local Unix-alike called "QUNIX" which later became "QNX" and is still a major player in the embedded OS market.


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