MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) was an early producer of S-100 based kit computers in the United States.

Product LineEdit

Computers Edit

Peripherals Edit

  • Altair 7000 Graphics Printer
  • Altair 110 Line Printer
  • Various 8" disk drives for both the 680 and 8800.

S-100 cards Edit

  • Serial Interface Board - Two Ports, one port optional. The 2SIO is MITS best serial bourd. It uses the Motorola 6850 UART.
  • SIO board with RS-232
  • 2 different Parallel I/O interface boards, one was in the 300/25 units for hard drive and floppy support.
  • Centronics Port card which was unidirectional.
  • Universal I/O Boards for the 8800 and 680b.
  • Various static RAM boards in different sizes: 4K, 16K, and 1K. Also was at least a single 16K static board made for the 680 as well.
  • 4K or 16K Dynamic RAM boards which don't work to well with the 8080.
  • PROM memory boards in 2K or 8K sizes.
  • Attache video board

Eventual fateEdit

MITS was eventually bought by Pertec Computer Corporation. [1]


  1. Virtual Altair taken from the Web retrieved on May 06, 2010.

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