MSX BASIC is a dialect of the BASIC programming language. It is an extended version of Microsoft Standard BASIC Version 4.5, and includes support for graphic, music, and various peripherals attached to MSX Personal Computers. Generally, MSX-BASIC is designed to follow GW-BASIC, which is one of the standard BASICs running on 16-bit computers. During the creation of MSX-BASIC, a major effort was made to make the system as flexible and expandable as possible.

BASIC programming language
Classical Altair BASIC *  Applesoft BASIC *  Atari BASIC *  Atari ST BASIC *  Color BASIC *  Commodore BASIC *  Dartmouth BASIC *  GW-BASIC *  HP BASIC for OpenVMS *  IBM BASICA *  IBM Cassette BASIC *  IBM Disk BASIC *  Locomotive BASIC *  Microsoft BASIC *  MSX BASIC *  ScriptBasic *  Sinclair BASIC *  TI BASIC (TI 99/4A) *  Turbo-Basic XL *  UBasic *  Vilnius BASIC
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