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The MSX (which stood for Microcomputer Software eXchangiblity) was the first of four attempts by Microsoft & ASCII to standardize computers. The MSX standard failed in the United States, but in Brazil, Europe, South Korea, and Japan, it was very popular.

MSX-2 Computers Edit

Name Manufacturer Region(s) Notes
AX-250 Sakhr/Universal/Al Alamiah
AX-300 Sakhr/Universal/Al Alamiah
AX-350 Yamaha.Sakhr/Universal/Al Alamiah
AX-350II Yahama
AX-370 Sakhr/Universal/Al Alamiah
AX-500 Sakhr/Universal/Al Alamiah
CPC-300 Daewoo
CPC-400 Daewoo
CX7M Yamaha
CX7M/128 Yamaha
CF-4500 National Japan
FS-4600 National Japan
FS-5000 National
FS-5500 F1 National
FS-5500 F2 National
FS-1300 National Japan
FS-A1 Panasonic Japan
FS-A1mk2 Panasonic Europe and Japan
FS-A1F Panasonic Europe and Japan
FS-A1FM Panasonic Europe and Japan
FPC-900 Fenner Italy
HB-F1II Sony
HB-F1II Sony
HB-F5, HB-F500 Sony
HB-F700, HB-F900 Sony
HB-G900 Sony
HB-G900AP Sony
HC-180 JVC Japan
HC-10AV JVC Japan
HC-80 JVC Japan
HC-90, HC-95, HC-9S JVC Japan
HX-23 Toshiba
MB-H3 Hitachi Japan
MB-H70 Hitachi Ltd Japan
ML-G1 Mitsubishi Japan
ML-H70 Mitsubishi Japan
MPC-25F Sanyo Japan
NMS 8250\NMS 8255 Philips Europe
NMS 8280 Philips Europe
V-25 Canon Japan
V-30 Canon
V-335 Canon Japan
VG 8220 Philips
VG 8230/VG 8240 Philips
VG 8235 Philips
WAVY-MPC-23 Sanyo
WAVY-MPC-23 Sanyo
WAVY-PHC-23J Sanyo
YIS-503IIIR Yamaha
YIS-604: Yamaha
YIS-604/128 Yamaha
YIS-805 Yamaha
YIS-805/256: Yamaha

MSX-2 Game Consoles Edit

Name Legal Status Manufacturer Region Notes
CPC-61 Zemmix Super V
[[CPC-61 Zemmix Super V

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MSX Turbo-R

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1000 BIT

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1000 Bit
Ultimate MSX FAQ

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