This is an incomplete list of S-100 bus cards. This list is sorted by manufacturer. Much of this list comes from Dave's Old Computers.[1]


  • AC1100 - Z80 CPU with ROM

Cromemco Edit

  • ZPU - Z80 CPU


  • CPU 8085/88 8085/8088 Dual 8/16 bit CPU
  • CPU 68K 68000 16-bit CPU card. (A196) [2]
  • NS32016 S-100 Card

IMS AssociatesEdit

  • MPU-A - 8080 CPU (rev-4)


  • 8800 CPU Rev-0 - Altair 8800 CPU (8080 CPU)
  • 8800 CPU Rev-0 - Altair 8800 CPU (8080A CPU)
  • 8800B CPU Rev-0 - Altair 8080B CPU


  1. Dave's Old Computers retrieved on April 21, 2010
  2. Technical Manual Nov. 1983. retrieved on May 5, 2010.

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