The Apple // platform consists of all computers in the Apple II family and their knockoffs. The table below lists some of these computers, their legal status, manufacturer, and notes about the computers.

Apple // Family Edit

Licensed Apple // clonesEdit

Fully-compatible knockoffs\clones Edit

Semi-compatible clonesEdit

Clones where compatibility is unknown Edit

  • ATV Comp 2
  • HAVAC (Microsci Corp)
  • Personal Kid 6400 () 64 KB Apple II Plus
  • IMC Jr (1985, Taiwan) - 64Kb
  • P.C. 1000 (JD Electronic Computer Division, 1984) - 48 - 176Kb RAM
  • MC 4000 (CCE)
  • MC 4000 Pro (CCE)
  • Pravetz 8A (Pravetz)

Clones rumoured to exist Edit

The source for most of these machines is Computer-Archive. [1]

Unknown manufacturers Edit

  • Base-48, Base-64A - Taiwan
  • Esselte 1000 - From Sweden.
  • Golden II - China
  • Katson - 64 or 128 KB of RAM.
  • Orion II - Possibly Soviet? : 48 KB of RAM
  • Pluto - a rare Taiwan Apple II+ clone, sold in Germany 1983, has a metal case (no plastic), Distributor "Computerbedarf Werner, Kerpen", see , also seen in the Netherlands
  • CHE 1 - Netherlands, possibly had multiple manufactures,
  • Pineapple
  • Orange II
  • Orange II+ (w/ built-in Z80 Soft-card and FORTH in ROM)

References Edit

  1. retrieved on April 18, 2010

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