Letcool N350JP is a handheld game system.


  • Gemei X760, Dingoo A320 and A330 have the same kind of SoC: Ingenic JZ4732@ 336 ~ 400 mhz MIPS architecture.
  • Letcool, PSP-clone and SPMP8000 devices haves the same kind of SoC: Sunplus80XX, ARM926 ~ 270 mhz ARM9 architecture.
  • None have 3d acceleration.
  • The "next generation" are GP2X WIZ and Pandora because they have a really fast CPU (530 ~ 600 mhz) and 3D hardware acceleration.

Unlike the Diingo A320, the Letcool doesn't have Linux or Playstation but does have a bigger 3.5" screen (compared to 2.8") and support two players. The Letcool has no arcade emulators only home console emulators. Like the JXD it is a SPMP8000/PMP-200 compatible consoles.


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