MediaWiki is a wiki engine that is used by many wikis such as Wikipedia and Wikia, and you can too. Just follow the directions below.

Requirements Edit

  • A Webserver supporting PHP (Apache2 is used in this guide)
  • PHP with MySQL support
  • One MySQL Database

Installation Edit

  1. Download the installation file archives from MediaWiki Website and upload the unarchived files to your webserver.
  2. Visit the installation and click the setup link.
    1. If MediaWiki throws an error about config/ permissions, chmod the config directory so the webserver can write to it
  3. Fill out the form to install
    1. For the Database, if it doesn't exist, you can have MediaWiki create it if you enter the root password
  4. Move config/LocalSettings.php to the root of the MediaWiki installation and then visit your new wiki!

All Done! Edit

Your new wiki is now setup, and you will now be able to login with the details you setup in the installation. Have fun!

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