A Game franchise is a series of related Video games. Most games are in a franchise of some kind. Most franchises are done by the same people who started them, but franchises like Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy have been known to be continued by fans. Continuing a franchise doesn't mean remaking an existing game, but means adding a new game to it.

Series v Franchise Edit

A series like a franchise is a set of related video games, usually a series tells a story in some form, where a franchise doesn't have to. Also a franchise can have a series in ( the Final Fantasy franchise has the Final Fantasy Tactics series in it, for example. The Zork franchise includes the Enchanter trilogy and Zork trilogy as well.

Cross-franchise series Edit

These do exist, but are quite rare. The big ones are Capcom vs SNK and Capcom x Namco. There are also individual games that could be considered cross-franchise, but usually its not too common.

Dead franchises Edit

A Dead franchise is a franchise that has no activity, and usually isn't profitable enough to add new entries into. This mostly happens with the older franchises that didn't keep their fanbase up.

Reborn franchise Edit

This occurs when the franchise has been dead at least 5 years, then suddenly a new entry appears in it. An example of this occuring is when Activision added Legends of Zork to the Zork franchise in 2007.

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