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Game consoles are machines primarily designed with playing games in mind. The primary difference between game consoles and computers is that game consoles don't require drivers and ( except the XBOX, and PlayStation 3) do not require games to be installed a media. The other common difference is consoles can be plugged into TVs without additional hard ( like a TV Tuner ). The definition of a console does change with the generation of conosle. ( 2010 is in the 7th generation of consoles ).

Dedicated Consoles Edit

Main article: Dedicated consoles

A dedicated console is a game console that can only play the games built in to it. These are mainly pong systems, TV Games, and the consoles that tend to be released in a controller. There are also handheld game systems of this variety, most of which were made in the 1980's.

First Generation Edit

  • Pong

Second generation Edit

Third Generation Edit

Fourth generation Edit

Fifth generation Edit

Sixth generation Edit

Seventh generation Edit

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