The Galaxy Gear is a line of smartwatches produced by Samsung. All of these watches can be connected to phones that are branded by Samsung. The 1st watch in this series has several features found in most smartwatches, including notifications and remote calling. The watch has a camera on the strap that can be used to take pictures. The Samsung Gear 2 is similar, but it has a better design and better features than its predecessor. The Gear 2 also has a heartrate monitor and a home button while the Gear 1 did not. The Gear Fit was designed to be a fitness tracker, although it does have several standard smartwatch features such as a calendar, a stopwatch and a clock with various watchfaces. The Gear S differs from its predecessors in various ways. For one thing, it is much bigger than any of the previous Samsung watches. Another difference is that it does not need to be connected to a smartphone to be fully functional, in a similar fashion to the Neptune Pine and the Omate TrueSmart.

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