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fanyit is an website about computer help ( IT and Computer Repair) founded by Two friends. Created by D.L. Chief and worker on the site is I.P and idea also is on I.P.


fanyit OverviewEdit

Launched on September 09 . 2014. fanyit is hosted in Germany at GHOSTnet GmbH data On October 26. 2014 has 15140562 traffic rank in world by alexa. And have low pagerank



Fanyit also has many mini guides for things such as”How to, “How to Re-Install Microsoft Windows, and some programs How to install and how to work with him. How to Install Ubuntu or any version of Linux programs and how to use. As well as guides on How to remove common Malware infections. How to repair all your problem about computers and Internet technology. News about Applications, Programs, Computers and Internet technology. Drivers for download. Only drivers who are not on the official website. All types of post about problems in games and how to solve this problems.And video trailer from games. You can download lates software and programs who is free and always will be free. These tutorials are written by admin of the fanyit and are available for free and always will be.

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