The Cookoo watch is a smartwatch designed by Cookoo. It can connect to either iPhone or Android devices via bloothooth. The watch runs off of a button cell battery and has a battery life of up to 2 years. Unlike most other smartwatches, it doesn't have a touchscreen, instead it functions similarly to a traditional watch. It has 4 buttons for lighting up, connecting to a phone, changing notification settings, and doing a variety of tasks that can be configured via the Cookoo Connected app. It also has a nob on the right for changing the time. The tasks that the watch can do include checking on Facebook, dropping pins on maps, taking pictures with the connected smartphone's camera, and finding the connected phone. It also has numerous symbols that light up to notify users of various things. The symbols include the Cookoo logo (if the watch is connected to a smartphone), a music note (if the watch's beep function is active), a trio of dots (if the watch's vibration function is active), a calender with a clock attached (for alarms and reminders) a chat bubble (for chats or texts), an almost empty battery (if the connected phone needs to be charged), an envelope (for emails), and a phone (for calls. If the exclamation point near the phone also lights up, it means the watch is notifying the user of a missed call).

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