This is a comparison of the features of various handheld game systems.


  • Gemei X760, Dingoo A320 and A330 have the same kind of SoC: Ingenic JZ4732@ 336 ~ 400 mhz MIPS architecture.
  • Letcool, PSP-clone and SPMP8000 devices haves the same kind of SoC: Sunplus80XX, ARM926 ~ 270 mhz ARM9 architecture.
  • None have 3d acceleration.
  • The "next generation" are GP2X WIZ and Pandora because they have a really fast CPU (530 ~ 600 mhz) and 3D hardware acceleration.

General informationEdit

Manufacturer First public release date Product line Launch price (USD) Units sold
Atari Lynx Atari 1989-10-11 Atari Lynx $Template:Nts


Main processor Clock speed Main memory Storage Video memory

Specifications (continued)Edit

Controller Game media Display Resolution Colors
GP2X Eight-Directional Digital Stick Secure Digital Memory Cards 3.5" Backlit TFT LCD 320 x 240 260,000 colors (F100) ; 16.77 million colors (F200)
Pandora Two analogue nubs, 4-Way D-pad, 46 key qwerty keyboard, touchscreen SD and SDHC 4.3" Backlit LCD touchscreen 800 x 480 16,700,000 colours


Genesis abbr="SNES" Product line Launch price (USD) Units sold

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