8088-based PCs Edit

  • PC-1 Ran at 4.77 MHz, Non-expandable.
  • PC-5 Ran at 4.77 MHz, 512kB RAM, 360kB 5.25" FD, monochrome
  • PC-10 Ran at 4.77 MHz, 256kB RAM, 1 or 2 Floppies, a possible 10 or 20MB hard disk. The PC-10 HD had a 30MB harddisk and 640 KB of RAM
  • PC-10-III 8088 @ 4.77 MHz one variant has a turbo switch.

80286-based systems Edit

  • PC 40-III series - AT Running at 12 MHz, HD floppy, 20 MB HD, VGA&iO on cards
  • SL 286 AT - Running at 16 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 MB HD, 3.5" FD, Slimline. Had a version with dual floppies.

80386-based systems Edit

  • SL 386 SX 16 or 25 MHz, VGA, 2MB RAM, 40 or 80 MB HD, 3.5" FD.
  • DT 386-25 25 or 33 MHz, VGA, 1MB or 4 MB RAM, 40, 80, or100 MB HDMB HD, Desktop w\ 386-DX.

80486-based systems Edit

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