Commodore 128
Type: Home Computer
Manufacturer: Commodore
CPU(s): 1 MOS 7501 and 1 Z80

The Commodore 128 was one of the Successors to the Commodore 64. It had a bigger keyboard and two CPUs. Its CPUs were MOS 7501 and a Z80. Because it had a Z80, the C128 could run CP/M, in fact the C-128 was the single best selling CP/M compatible computer, though most people didn't use CP/M on it.

Sources Edit

Canonical List of Commodore Products by Bo Zimmerman

List of Commodore micromputers
6502-based 8-Bit Kim-1 - Vic-20 - PET - CBM-II - C64 -

SX-64 -C16\C116 - Plus /4 - C128\C128D - Commodore 65

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