Official models of the Color Computer Edit

Name Notes
Color Computer
Color Computer 2
Color Computer 2B
Color Computer 3

Color Computer clones Edit

  • Dragon 32/64
  • CP-500 (Prológica)
  • Varixx VC50 - Brazilian clone
  • LZ Color64 - Brazilian clone
  • Dynacom MX1600 - Brazilian clone
  • Codimex 6809 - Brazilian clone
  • Sampo Color Computer - East Asian pirate clone
  • Micro-SEP - Mexican clone

Tandy MC-10Edit

Main article: TRS-80 MC-10

The MC-10 and its clones are stripped down versions of the Color The MC-10 was cloned by Matra-Hatchette in France as the Alice series.

  • MC-10
  • Alice 30
  • Alice 90
  • Sysdata Tcolor (Brazilian clone)

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