The Castles of Dr. Creep is a great platformer by Broderbund for the Commodore 64. The orginal game was written by Ed Hobbs.

Story Edit

Dr. Creep decided to sell his castles,

Characters Edit


Enemies Edit

Mummy Edit

Frankenstien Edit

A Dumb monster that can follow players up & and down ladders, and down poles. Frankenstien will activiate trap doors.

Hazzards Edit

Trap Doors Edit

A pit in the floor that kills monsters or players who are on it. Controlled by a vertical switch that has red & green circles on top of it.

Lightning Machines Edit

Ray Gun Edit

Basically a laser like gun. Ray Guns have controls that allow players to move them up or down and fire them.

Moving Sidewalk Edit

Castles Edit

One of 14 of Dr. Creep's castles. All the castles have at least three rooms

Tutorial Edit

The in-game manual is a castle. This castle has 13-rooms. One or Two players can complete it.

Sylvania Edit

No doubt named after Tranyslvania, this castle requires 2 players to complete it. It has 19(?) rooms.

Alternation Edit

Caullenwalde Edit

Maybe named after Collinwood, the estate where ABC's soap. Dark Shadows took place. This castle has 21 rooms.

Freedonia Edit

The smallest caste, Freedonia has just five rooms(the Starting position is in the same room as the exit). This castle could be completed in a single player game.

Tannenbaum Edit

Named after the German word for Christmas Tree. which is kind of a strange name for a monster-filled castle. Tannenbaum has ten rooms and probably requires 2 players to complete.

Parthenia Edit

Carpathia Edit

Teasedale Edit

Named after the poet, Sarah Teasedale, this castle is kind of boring. Requires 2 players.

Rittenhouse Edit

This 19-room castle is hard, but both players should be able to clear it.

Doublecross Edit

Great name. This is a very hard castle and requires two players to complete.

Romania Edit

Named after the nation of Romania, this castle is pretty hard.

Baskerville Edit

Named after the Hound of the Baskervilles, this is a very hard castle.

Lovecraft Edit

Named after H. P. Lovecraft, this is one of most challenging levels. Requires two players, but there is a possiblity that only one will get out.

Music Edit

Has intro music including the Alfred Hitchcock theme song.

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