Name Producer(s) Version(s) Ports Notes
CP/M DR 1.0 - 2.2, 3.0 ( 3.0 was named CP/M+ ) 8080, z80, 68K, Z8000
Concurrent CP/M DR
CP/M-86 DR 1.0, 1.1 8086 XT This version needs to be patched to work on AT and ATX machines.
CP/A Robotron KC-85/3, KC-85/4 East German variant for the KC-85 computers
DOSPlus DR 8086, x86? Actually more like a version of CP/M-86 that could run MS-DOS software
CDOS Cromemco 1.0, 2.x
RDOS Cromemco
CDOS 8-16 CompuPro 8085\8088
MP/M Digital Research 8080/Z80
Personal CP/M Digital Research 8080, z80, 8086.
North Star DOS North Star z80, 8080
QP/M 2.7 world wide This is the latest version of IMS Multiuser DOS.

BDOS ReplacementsEdit

Name Producer(s) Version of CP/M Versions of replacement Notes
Z80DOS 2.x 1.0
DOS+ 2.x 1.0 Not made by Digital Research, also not for the TRS-80 computers.
NovaDOS 2.x
P2DOS 2.x
Z3DOS 3.0

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