The BBC Microcomputers were a family of home computers manufactured by Acorn for the BBC.

Technical SpecificiationsEdit

BBC Micro Model A

  • Processor: 6502 running at 1.8 MHz
  • ROM: 32 kB
  • RAM: 16 kB minimum, up to 96 kB
  • Video information
    • Text modes: 24 x 20, 40 × 32 and 80 × 32
    • Resolution: 256×192 (16 colours)
  • Sound
    • Sound Processor: SN76489
    • 3 channels + noise

List of Acorn Computers microcomputers

Computers: Microcomputer SystemAtomBBC Micro (aka Proton)ElectronCommunicatorBusiness ComputerBBC MasterArchimedes rangeRisc PC · Network ComputerSet-Top BoxPhoebe

Operating systems: Acorn MOSPanos · ArthurARXRISC iXRISC OS

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