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Altos Computer Systems was founded in 1979 by Dave Jackson and Ron Conway. Altos mostly released multiuser systems either running CP/M or some flavor of Unix.

Product lines Edit

CP/M Z80-based systems Edit

  • 580 - This Z80-based system came with 192KB of RAM. It could run CP/M, MP/M, OASIS. There was a 1 MB 5.25" floppy and a hard drive. The 580-2 could have more RAM.
  • 8000 series (ACS8000) (Models 1 - 5)

68000 based systems Edit

  • 68000 (ACS68000) - The ACS68000 was a 68000-based computer running Unix, it had between 512-1024Kb RAM. [1]
  • 3068 - This machine was a 68020-based minicomputer running Unix V.

80x86 systems Edit

  • 1086 - Released in 1986, this system had 1 to 8 MB RAM, had a 80286 CPU. and ran Xenix.
  • 186-G10 - This 80186 based system came with 512 KB RAM.. It could run Xenix, MP/M86, CCPM/86, and Pick.
  • System 10000 - This computer has 80486-based computer running Unix. It had

References Edit

  1. [1] retrieved on April 19, 2010

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