Altair 8800
Manufacturer(s) MITS
CPU 8080 or 8080A.
Operating System(s) CP/M

The 8800 was one of the early kit computers released in the United States. It is primarily a S-100 Bus system. The CPU was on a card.[1] There were four models, the original, the 8800a, the 8800b and the 8800bt.

Models Edit

The 8800 and 8800a were fairly similar, except the 8800a had a fan.

8800b and Turnkey Edit

The 8800b and 8800bt had the 8880A CPU ship with them. Also bt or Turnkey model was without the full front panel. The special Turnkey Module card contains boot ROMs that automatically boot the system from a floppy disk drive at power-on. The Turnkey Module could, alternately, jump to the address of a boot ROM on a floppy disk controller card. It contains DIP switches to set the power-on jump address.

Emulation Edit

Sim-H supports the Altair 8800 with both the 8080 and Z80 processors.

References Edit

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